rotation not working with

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rotation not working with

Postby Yod4z » 2016-11-22 10:37

i was using of winvnc and viewer but want to try last version.
I use tablet win 10 on server side & pc win 7 on client side.
With server & viewer:
When the server side rotate the screen (tablet) from landscape to portrait, the client side don't change the dispaly size screen & i have black part of screen not used.
other problem: if i have application that display the osk.exe (keyboard) on bottom screen & software on top. When in portrait mode & disabled when in landscap. When rotate the left part to the ground (landscape to portrait) screen are upside down. No probleme if rotate right part to the ground first & rotation to landscap and after to portrait (left side to the ground)
With server & viewer
no problem
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