Disconnect UVNC connection by batch from Server

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Disconnect UVNC connection by batch from Server

Postby King_of_drums » 2016-12-20 12:18

i want to connect a uvnc client to uvnc server by a batch file and disconnect the connection also by a batch file.

The Batch to connect is on the client pc and this is working.

The Batch file for the disconnection is on the server (remote) PC. The comand -kill stops the server and disconnect the connection, but I must start the server again to connect the client again. For sure, it is possible to start the service again by a batch. But this takes some seconds.

But i think it should be possible, to disconnect the client without stopping the server.

Has someone an idea, how can i do that?

If I use the tight VNC, there is a comand -disconnectall. This comand doesn't stop the server. But I can't swap to tight vnc. I have to use ultra vnc.

Thanks for your help!!!
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Re: Disconnect UVNC connection by batch from Server

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2016-12-20 20:05

taskkill /IM winvnc.exe /FI "SESSION ne 0" /F

this is the same as manual pressing close vnc connection.

Even when it take a few seconds, restarting ther service from a batch is possible better then force killing
nets stop uvnc_service
nets start uvnc_service
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