black screen over very slow connection

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black screen over very slow connection

Postby iLiviu » 2017-02-01 21:41

Hi! I have an issue with a VNC connection between a WinXP laptop and instrument controlled by an internal computer, also based on WinXP. That internal computer has a VNC server running as a service. The laptop is connected to the internet through WiFi, while it's LAN port is directly connected with a normal Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port of the instrument internal computer.
I have access to the WinXP laptop through Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) from a Win10 laptop (I am in different location the instrument). Once connected to the WinXP laptop and starting a VNC viewer to connect to the instrument WinXP computer, the screen I got is black. It seems however that soon after rebooting the instrument, for a very short time, I can get a normal VNC screen (not black), but it freezes very soon. The internet connection is extremely slow to the instrument location. However, the black screen issue is confirmed by a local operator at the instrument location. I tried to un-check the auto options and check to anything else than auto (on encoding or on the connection speed and colors), but nothing helped. Any ideas how to solve this issue please? Thanks!
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