The screen isn't update properly

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The screen isn't update properly

Postby khepper » 2017-04-18 09:42

Hi all

I'm using ultra vnc form some years, I have a lot of machines using an older version and some olders versions. Usually no big problem with olders versions, but now, with windows 10 versions I want to start to use new versions.

The main problem with the new versions is that the screen isn't update properly, I need to refresh a lot of times and never continue updated. In the remote computer the mouse movements and clicks or keyboard is sent to the remote computer, but the screen isn't update.

In previous versions, I've setup the mirror driver to prevent this problem in the server side, but in windows 10 it seems that there is an option in the operating system, desktop duplication engine, but, I not sure if this option must be installed, activated or any other setup in the system.

I suppose that all of this must be setup in the server side. In the client side, I try to check with multiple options, like 256 color, or change the autoselect in the format and encoding

The second and minor problem is the follow, when i connect to other computer the screen is not showed by default with all scaled screen, I only see a part of the screen and not properly scaled (a black part of the screen is showed. This is a problem in the client side, I use a computer with 2 monitors, and, by default, use autoscaling option.

The version of the uvnc is in the client side and in the server side

Maybe someone could help me, thanks in advance

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Re: The screen isn't update properly

Postby khepper » 2017-05-10 13:36


At last I've installed in all computers the same version and all seems works fine again

Thanks for all

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