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Proper Unistall

Postby swyantori » 2017-04-27 12:41

Hello all,

Sorry if this has already been asked. Also if this is in the wrong forum. I put it here because this question pertains to many versions of uvnc.

I have the following versions that I need to uninstall and upgrade to version

Now I really have two questions here.
1. To completely remove these versions is it the same. IE go to "Add remove programs" uninstall. Or find the uninstaller that is in the uvnc folder and run that. Or is there more to this than just running the uninstaller?

2. For some reason I have come across a few installs that do not have the uninstaller, and they are also not found in the "Add remove programs".

Any information would be helpful. Also I am going to have to do this for about 900 computers all win 7 ent.

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