Problem connecting with OS X

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Problem connecting with OS X

Postby Riverside » 2017-06-17 02:27

(First time post here. Please forgive me if this has been asked many times in the past. I'm in the middle of a very important project, in need of an answer as quickly and painlessly as possible, and simply don't have time to deal with the inefficient search engine this forum software provides. It is more efficient for me to simply post this question and wait for an answer while I work on other aspects of the project. Thank you for understanding. 8) )

Actually, I have two questions. :oops: But first, some background on the issues:

I was using RealVNC up for months up until about an hour ago to connect from my Windows 10 laptop to my OS X iMac running Mountain Lion. I chose RealVNC originally because it was the only free version of any VNC I originally could get to connect to the OS X system. No clue why, but the Mac refused to accept logins from anything but RealVNC.

Tonight however, I ran into a weird problem, and while trying to solve it, tried installing UltraVNC (my much preferred version of VNC). When I did install it, UltraVNC logged in with no issues at all, unlike the first time I tried it months ago.

The reason I tried Ultra again is because I suddenly began experiencing an odd issue with Real logging into the Mac. Out of nowhere, I could no longer get past the login screen on the Mac. Since the Mac is right downstairs in my home, it wasn't hard to verify that the Mac itself was actually being logged in. The desktop is plainly viewed on it, but I can't see the desktop from VNC. VNC can't see past the login screen even though the machine is actually logged in as normal. This, unfortunately, is the case with both RealVNC and UltraVNC. Neither can see past the login screen.

So, the more important question I have is if anyone knows why this is happening. I know it's something in the Mac settings, but oddly enough no settings have been changed on the Mac. The ONLY change I recently made on that is creating a root (system) user account, which I've been able to log into with VNC many times successfully over the past few days. That root account is a temporary situation I'm using to configure a server environment on the Mac, and will be deleted once that server is up and running properly.

So basically,

Question 1: Why can't VNC see past the login screen on the Mac even though the Mac is actually logged into a desktop?


Question 2 (less imporatant): Does anyone have any idea why Ultra VNC's login may have been refused months ago yet now the Mac suddenly has no problem accepting it?

Thanks in advance! 8)
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