Logon not able via Repeater

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Logon not able via Repeater

Postby jSoler » 2017-08-08 14:37

Hello all

Im having a issue using a reverse connection with a repeater. The schema of connection is:

Server(W7) -- Repeater(WS2008) -- Viewer(W7)

The connection conf for the server is :

-id:1111 -autoreconnect -connect host:port -run

Everyting works perfect while a Microsoft user is loged into system, the viewer connect perfectly via repeater and there's no problem.

Once i'm loged into system and try to close the windows user session or change windows user session, the connection still working but i'm not able to do any further action in the windows logon screen, i can not select an user, no reboot system, even niether send the Ctrl+Alt+Supr order. So the screen is showed as a only view session, and i can not logon again even id a try to reconnect using the viewer instead repeater mode.

The most of the times i need to reboot systems remotly and work without user help, change user system etc ..., it seems to be a windows system premissions that deny to vnc to use logon system screen.

I aprecciate any help in order to resolve my issue, or any clue.

Thx for reading, and sorry for my english
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Re: Logon not able via Repeater

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2017-08-09 21:14

Logon is only possible for a service

winvnc.exe must be running as service
But you can't start a service with a commandline

service_commandline = -id:1111 -autoreconnect -connect host:port
"You need to enter the same as for the commandline ( without the -run)"

Rudi De Vos
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Admin & Developer
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Re: Logon not able via Repeater

Postby jSoler » 2017-08-10 07:26

Shame on me

I have been using the same config for the last 3 days, i mean the service_commandline in the ultravnc.conf, just one difference, i always wrote the -run switch at the end of the line. It seems that -run execute the winvnc server like a program, and this is the fail on my conf.

I have tried your config instead mine and works easy, finally this is the line in ultravnc.conf:

service_commandline=-autoreconnect ID:1111 -connect host:port

Thx for your time, absolutly helpfull

I owe on you
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