keyboard stops working

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keyboard stops working

Postby SledgehammerPL » 2017-08-24 18:28

I have strange problem - on all of my machines (about 10)

I use "japanese keyboard" (BTW - should I set alternate keyboard both server and viewer? - it doesn't matter with my problem, but what is proper?)

WHen I connect to remote machine everything works perfectly. But when I change window into local and than change back - very often keyboard stops working properly (it looks like LEFT+ALT is pressed on remote machine). Mouse works normall. I need to break connection, and login again - and everything returns normal. Untill changing local window - but this doesn't happen everytime. It's about 7/10 times.

The same behaviour on different servers and different viewers.

I didn't get it without "japanese keyboard" but I really need it for polish diactrics ąćęłńóżź, so I didn't tested it full.

configuration are standard just from installer
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