UVNC Server randomly stops connecting to repeater

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UVNC Server randomly stops connecting to repeater

Postby Unit_1000 » 2017-09-07 02:10

I'v been using UVNC Server with the repeater (and the -autoconnect option) for about a year now with about a dozen computers using vers and
On about half of these computers, UVNC Server will randomly stop connecting to the repeater and I can't really detect any pattern or trigger that causes it to stop. Sometimes it works for days or weeks.
Once I get back in front of a failed UVNC Server machine, I can't find anything wrong. Nothing is hung. UVNC is there and working. All it takes is STOP service / START service and its working again for a random amount of time.

It's done this on Win7 & Win8.1 I only have it running on 1 Win 10 machine and it seems to working ok.

Anyone have some troubleshooting tips for this?
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