Ultra VNC SC version Win10 control problems

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Ultra VNC SC version Win10 control problems

Postby helpdesk » 2017-10-12 07:12


We have a problem: when user who needs help initiates VNC connection using Ultra VNC Single Click we can't install anything to the computer, when it's Windows 10, it just freezes and the user itself has to click all steps. It just takes so much time and it doesn't meet our needs anymore .. It works ok when our service desk person itself initiates connection with Ultra VNC, the server is installed to the remote computer.
Do you have some solution to suggest, that we could use SC in the future as well?
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Re: Ultra VNC SC version Win10 control problems

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2017-10-12 18:18

Note on creator page
UAC: sc is running as user, this does NOT allow UAC access.
-UAC windows are view only. (you now stay connected in view only mode)
-When the UAC window ( not the popup, the one that has the elevated permission) is closed or minized, you get back full access.

Looks like your situation


Update 27/08/2009, the user is only asked once to give UAC permission ( add [DIS_AUC] )

sc need to be started as admin and after startup, the user need to accept once a UAC popup.
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