[HELP] - Reconnecting without clicking "VNCViewer Message Bo

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[HELP] - Reconnecting without clicking "VNCViewer Message Bo

Postby meth0 » 2017-10-21 07:22

Hi All,

I'm in a situation where I need to represent a monitor of a single computer to multiple people. I have this set up with UltraVNC working fine, however I need to be able to tolerate ~1-2 minutes of server -> viewer loss.

At the moment, when the viewer loses connection with the server the popup of "Server closed connection, manual closed, network disconn". If I click "Close" on this, the VNCViewer will reconnect perfectly fine.

However, I need for this to be able to reconnect without any user interaction as it will be used in a control room for monitoring of systems.

Is there a way to do either of these?
1) - Disable the VNCViewer Message Box and allow VNCViewer to attempt to reconnect automatically
2) - Increase the "timeout" limit between the VNCViewer and VNCServer to be able to tolerate such loss.

Appreciate any replies in advance,

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