Thoughts on this mirror driver issue?

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Thoughts on this mirror driver issue?

Postby JoeWiard » 2017-11-27 20:10

Hello, all!

I had a strange issue that I'd like your thoughts on, please.

Goal: I'm trying to VNC into Computer from Laptop over a VPN, because port forwarding for VNC isn't an option. Computer has 2 displays. Laptop has a monitor attached via HDMI cable.

Problem: Over the VPN, UVNC with mirror driver installed doesn't seem to recognize that Computer has a 2nd display. The button Select Full Desktop/Switch Monitor seems to do nothing. However, when Laptop is on Computer's LAN, everything works as intended. The button enables the 2nd display in UVNC.

Testing: Laptop had UVNC and the mirror driver installed. I tested connecting using UVNC on the LAN with Laptop's 2nd display connected. It worked perfectly. Once I'm VNCd in, I click the button, nothing happens the first time as I'm used to. I click the button a second time, and Computer's 2nd display is now available in UVNC. That's how it has always behaved on every computer I've used this on. I can stretch the UVNC window across both laptop displays and see bother computer displays in the one VNC window. That's the goal, except I want to do this over a VPN.

So I take Laptop of the monitor home, I log into the VPN, and I connect with UVNC to Computer. So far, so good. I use the mirror driver button once, nothing predictably happens, then I use the button a second time, and nothing happens again. This should have enabled the 2nd display. I try the button a couple more times, and still nothing happens. I close the connection and try again. Same result. I try resetting the VPN connection, rebooting Laptop, and then I go to Device Manager to check the mirror driver there. The mv video hook driver2 display item has a yellow warning triangle on it and the details tell me that the display driver isn't installed. I've never had this happen before on any computer I've installed this on. It definitely was installed at one point because it all worked for me on the LAN. So I uninstall UVNC completely, then install again with the mirror driver. Now Device Manager shows everything is installed and there are no warnings or errors. But when I try the UVNC connection again, I get the same result. The mirror driver button does nothing. My wifi is good, my VPN connection is good, the VNC connection is good. I can interact with my desktop on Computer display 1, but can't see computer display 2.

So I bring the laptop back on to the LAN. I forgot my monitor at home, but I connect to Computer with UVNC on the LAN, and as soon as I log into my computer through UVNC, the UVNC windows shows both Computer displays side by side. (Scale server to window" is checked) I didn't even have to use the mirror driver button. That has never happened before, either. I would love for that to be the default behavior, actually, but I could never find a setting to have the second display activated by default, and I always used the mirror driver button to enable the second display.

So what are your thoughts on why I couldn't enable the second display with the mirror driver button over the VPN, other than "Why are you using UVNC over a VPN?" What other info can I provide?

UVNC v1.2.0.6
Secure Plugin v.
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