Dialup usage

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Dialup usage

Postby radiomange » 2018-01-03 16:09

I am setting up a server/client where the server is a Windows XP box running with a cable modem and the client is a Windows XP laptop running on a dial up connection. Dial up is all that is available, sadly. What this situation needs is a very thin remote management program. TeamViewer works but, I know it takes more overhead than the dial up can really afford to give away. Ultra VNC allows adjustments for slow connections. The idea of using a cable connected host to serve as an internet portal for a dial up challenged client seems sound to me.

What I need is advice/help in setting this up using Ultra VNC. I have been working on getting a DDNS service working for the cable connected network containing the server anyway, so that should make this easier. Today we will test the new dial up connection. Assuming that I have a working DDNS address and a working dial up account, I am looking for advice/help/hints that can make this setup easier. Thanks.
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