"Permanent ALT" with "japanese keyboard" after ALT-TAB

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"Permanent ALT" with "japanese keyboard" after ALT-TAB

Postby siwys » 2018-01-18 15:45


I'm using UltraVNC for years and for years I have one issue in keyboard. Maybe you can help me?

I'm using Windows 10 Home with Polish keyboard and localization. I'm unable to enter polish letters on remote display (because it needs to press RIGHT ALT+letter). The workaround (known from the very old versions of VNC) is to use "Japanese keyboard" setting in "Connection options".

Now I can use for example RIGHT ALT+a to enter accented "a" letter (Polish letter). But if I switch to my computer (ALT+TAB) and back to UVNC remote window something goes wrong. It looks like the LEFT ALT key is permanently pressed. I need to press LEFT ALT and release it to back to normal situation.

UVNC version: (but I remember this issue in all past versions of uvnc)
Windows version: Windows 10 Home PL x64 (but I had the same issue in Windows 7 x64 on many installations)

To reproduce this error please:

1. Install "Polish programmers keyboard" on Windows 10 Home (maybe you can skip this point, I don't know)

2. Install UVNC server, use any password, you may or not check "alternate keyboard" (it doesn't matter).

3. Connect using UVNC client to remote desktop but CHECK "Japanese keyboard" on client, do not press (don't enable) "scroll lock" key.

4. Run notepad, enter some text. It works.

5. Press ALT+TAB to switch do your desktop (to any other application on your desktop)

6. Again press ALT+TAB to switch back to remote UVNC window

7. Again try to enter any text in notepad. You'll be unable. Press "space" or F. It will work like "ALT+SPACE" or "ALT+F" (file menu).

8. Press LEFT ALT to "release permanent ALT". Now you can "normally" use keyboard.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

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