Solution for slow command-prompt updates on win7 .

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Solution for slow command-prompt updates on win7 .

Postby mhertz » 2018-03-04 21:29

I found that on win7(but not win10), command-prompts are extremely slow updating input text, sometimes up to 60 secs thereabout, with default ultravnc settings. I believe I read in a doc once, that the four options under the "Poll fulscreen" option, wasen't too be used because of bad results, and they where there for minimizing CPU/RAM, but maybe I remembered wrong, because I can't find this anymore, but anyway, enabling "Poll foreground window", or the option underneath, will fix the issue with command-prompts not updating. This makes the delay only to be max 1 sec, and just a little slower than e.g. tightvnc(with polling set to it's minimum: 30). Again, this is for win7(x64), as on win10 there where no issues with this. Just a heads up :)
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