Query Window Not Working

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Query Window Not Working

Postby mwagner1333 » 2018-03-21 19:52

We are using Ultra VNC throughout our Company and have been asked to modify settings to allow end users to accept the connection. Currently we are able to remote into any workstation without the end user approving.
The problem is that although the correct settings are applied to Display Query Window - Query If No Logon - Timeout 10 seconds. Default Action = Refuse

The only workstation that actually are working correctly to display the query window are Windows 10 machines running version
Windows 7 machines running versions or are not working correctly. (Not prompting the User to Accept or Refuse)
I have tried to update a few Windows 7 machines to version and it is still not working.

Is there a known issue with the Query Window displaying correctly for Windows 7 machines?
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Re: Query Window Not Working

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2018-03-21 20:16

Please provide the query options you have in the ini.
The options are OS independed should work the same on XP...WIN10
+ =allow
- = deny
? = query
instead of you can use 10.0.60, then it is valid for the full range of ip addresses.
Define on how to react on the (-,?,+) from the Authhosts.
0="+:Accept, ?:Accept, -:Query"
1="+:Accept, ?:Accept, -:Reject"
2="+:Accept, ?:Query, -:Reject [Default]"
3="+:Query, ?:Query, -:Reject"
4="+:Query, ?:Reject, -:Reject"
It is used to specify a set of IP address templates which incoming connections must match in order to be accepted. By default, the template is empty and connections from all AuthHosts_Tip5="hosts are accepted. The template is of the form:
In the above, [ip-address-template] represents the leftmost bytes of the desired stringified IP-address.
For example, +158.97 would match both and Multiple match terms may be specified, delimited by the ":" character. Terms appearing later in the template take precedence over earlier ones. e.g. -:+158.97: would filter out all incoming connections except those beginning with 158.97. Terms beginning with the "?" character are treated by default as indicating hosts from whom connections must be accepted at the server side via a dialog box. The QuerySetting option determines the precise behaviour of the three AuthHosts options.
QueryTimeout is the time the messagebox is shown.
QueryAccept=0 ( 0=refuse 1=accept 2=refuse)
This popup a timed messagebox to allow the user (server site) to allow/reject an incoming connect.
Disable/enable query settings when no user is logged.
If the user is logged on, but has his screensaver on you normal can't get access as "QueryIfNoLogon" find a logged user.
to overwrite this set QueryAccept=2 and QueryIfNoLogon=0 -> no messagebox when screen is locked.
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