Solved: Ultravnc SC very slow from linux viewer.

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Solved: Ultravnc SC very slow from linux viewer.

Postby mhertz » 2018-04-07 00:10

To avoid this slowness, then use ssvncviewer from ssvnc package from Karl Runge, and run it with '-nopipeline -listen'. Tested with win10 and all the SC versions, of course the latest is preferred as using DD so fastest, but before this fix it was unbearable, with 30 sec delays between clicks.

Ultravnc SC reports RFB 3.16, a custom unofficial version used by Rudi to define some specifics for SC. Few viewers from linux support this and uses RFB 3.8 which isn't compatible. I found ssvncviewer worked, but very slow. Also I found a code-fix listed for tigervnc's vncviewer, posted on this forum some years ago, to use RFB 3.3 when seeing RFB 3.16(as in SC) and so I made the change and built it, and it worked but still very slow. I just now played around with all the settings of ssvncviewer to see if one of them where causing this, and lo and behold, I finally found the culprit in the default '-pipeline' option used, so hence the '-nopipeline' to fix.

Just wanted to post this for the feature for people goggling this, like i've done alot, and got either nothing, or not working solutions for this.
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