Solved: Workaround for surviving reboot with SC.

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Solved: Workaround for surviving reboot with SC.

Postby mhertz » 2018-04-08 20:57

With the [DIS_UAC] option added of later SC versions, the only small gripe I had with it(SC), was the inability of surviving a reboot of remote machine and so having to make the person you're helping initiate the connection again afterwards. I found a solution now finally, well, rather a workaround, but nonetheless :)

The workaround is to use the startup folder(runonce reg key could also be used as an alternative, but startup folder is easier), but copying the SC exe to this folder doesn't work for some reason, and neither does a shortcut of it. For some reason, I need to make a batchfile in the startup folder, which then runs SC from it.

When rebooting, SC doesn't have time to reset UAC, so the SC exe is run elevated automatically upon next startup as no UAC prompt is needed and you're connected again! :) The only thing is, that after quitting the connection from SC now, then UAC is still disabled unfortunetly, so I was thinking of adding another line to the batchfile which fixes that e.g. "reg.exe ADD HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v EnableLUA /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f" or if I can find some other command, but I just cannot remember that in my head, so I don't like that way. I tried pressing win, typing 'uac', press return, enable UAC, save, and then end SC, but it still got reverted back to UAC disabled. I finally settled with a variation of this i.e. enable UAC and then select reboot to end the connection(after deleting run.cmd from startup folder of course), as this retains UAC enabled after the reboot.

The quickest way to make this workaround is: press win+r > shell:startup > press return > rightclick make new txt file > F2 to rename to run.cmd > rightclick to edit > enter path of SC, e.g. "%userprofile%\Desktop\support.exe" > reboot! :)

Edit: I just now found that there actually is a subforum specifically for SC, so I apologize for "spamming" this section with SC related content, sorry! From now on, i'll make sure to post in appropriate section, sorry again :)
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