uvnc2me File Transfer Limit ...

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uvnc2me File Transfer Limit ...

Postby dilo » 2018-06-07 14:26

Hi all,

I am just trying uvnc2me 1.0.6 with a pc and a laptop (both Win10) in the same network, Im trying transfert with various size, and it not always works, tiny files are ok, 65Mb file size is ok , but I receive a "mem error" dialog box with bigger files (i have tried 3.6 Gb and another file of 500 Mb )

so I was wondering : is there a file size limit ?

Thank you
Read you soon


P.S.: I hope this is the right channel, by the way feel free to move this message in the right category if needed
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Re: uvnc2me File Transfer Limit ...

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2018-06-07 19:35

I never tested it with huge files, will add it to the todo list
Rudi De Vos
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