Lock on disconnect 100% CPU usage

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Lock on disconnect 100% CPU usage

Postby RedAero » 2018-06-14 15:22


Lately I've noticed, although it's possible that this was happening all the time, that when I use the "Lock Workstation when last user disconnects" option, which is very useful, something pegs the CPU to 100% while the workstation is locked. I ran some rudimentary tests to determine which process it is, and it looks like it's the LogonUI.exe process which goes to 100% and apparently starts accessing the registry at a high rate as well. As soon as you log back in everything works fine and it's as if nothing ever happened, which why I suspect that this has been an issue for a while, I had just failed to notice.

The "workstation" in question is a Windows 7 x64 rig.

Thanks for your help

Edit: It turns out the issue was unrelated to UVNC entirely, I just only noticed it using UVNC remotely because otherwise I didn't lock my PC. The culprit was AsRock's A-Tuning software.
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