Windows Server 2016 VNC not working?

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Windows Server 2016 VNC not working?

Postby Norm@Home » 2018-09-19 15:10

I have a new Windows Server 2016 server and install of the OS; all Windows updates have been applied. The problem I'm having is that I can't access the server through UltraVNC most of the time. On the server the "uvnc_service" is running and I do see the tray icon for it; the server does have a static IPV4 address (IPV6 is disabled right now); the Windows Firewall for Private Networks is turned off.

On the server I can use the VNC viewer to connect to other computers on the local network but when I'm on a computer on the local network and I attempt to connect to the server I get a "Failed to connect to server!" error. On the server itself if I try and run VNC Viewer and connect to<the port I've setup in admin properties> I get a login prompt so the VNC service is listening on the local machine at the very least.

I have the router forwarding the port I'm using to the IP address of the server, in a couple instances after a day or more it started to work and I was able to access the server from my home office but then after rebooting the server several times I again lost access by remote. This is not the only Windows Server 2016 I have setup with UltraVnc but the other two are generic computers that I built myself and this is a HP Proliant DL380 G7 (not sure if that makes any difference or not).

Nothing I've tried has been able to get this to work, has anyone seen this problem? Have any idea's?
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Re: Windows Server 2016 VNC not working?

Postby Chris » 2018-09-20 07:41

We use it more than a half year, no Problems.
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