We elected to try a remote server to access files w/o havi

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We elected to try a remote server to access files w/o havi

Postby vincitytaymodaimo » 2018-10-08 11:58

I am obviously new here. I am also knowledgeable enough to be dangerous. But I can manage by experimenting. This software was recommended by our corporate IT people for what I needed to have done. Our house got flooded and we needed to move out for awhile. Only area undamaged was our computer room. So we elected to try a remote server to access files w/o having to go to the house every day.

First attempt failed. Actually, first 10 attempts failed! My IT people couldn't offer any help as they had not used this for awhile.

I am running Win7 and was recommended to use the x64 install. One of the first issues was determining what to install. The "zip" or regular MSI. Then some of the add-ons were unclear if needed. In the end, after about 10 hours I finally got it to work. First hurdle was the port forwarding. For some reason, you have to do this install JUST right or it wont take. I tired disabling the services in MSCONFIG and end process several times. Even had to delete winexe in the firewall several times.

I think you have one shot to get the install to go. If you mess up, you almost have to uninstall the whole program and start over. Once the PW is first viewed (god knows why there is even something there to start with I never did find that answer) you have only one shot at setting it. I think the same might go with other settings, like enabling or disabling file transfer. The last issue once I got the end, was I had no mouse control once connected. Finally found a related thread stating by default the viewer input is disabled. Now, why would this be the case? I mean isn't the sole purpose here is to be able to work on the server remotely? If so, how can you when this s disabled?

What I learned was there is no specific thread/info the goes step by step as to what buttons/tabs/boxes/settings are recommended for your application. Even the youtube video blows right through the install process.

I tried the zip DL but when unzipped, there was no MSI.exe for the actual installation. What does "setpassword" do? what does some of the other .exe files do? There are a few there that are not explained. Anyways, the zip thing didn't do it for me.

Finally, I reinstalled Win7x64 and made sure that there were NO remaining files anywhere left from past uninstalls. Made sure that ALL the settings I wanted were done BEFORE I started winexe. Finally it installed, PW was set, file transfer window worked, and my mouse worked.

FYI, I installed UltraVNC-64 in my generic program folder on the server. Made sure file sharing was enabled, and made sure that "program" folder had all the permissions. First step was confirming with PortChecker to make sure 5800 and 5900 were working. (Oh BTW, setting network to "auto" works fine.) Then off to starting the viewer. If I did not get the immediate login screen, I knew I was toast and had to start over.

I think this is a wonderful piece of SW for its size. I wish there was a single place where there you can go to read a "how-to" for every box and tab and what they represent and what they mean/explained. Like "Silent" or the other options. It took me a lot of web surfing to get answers. There out there, but not in one single paper. There scattered.

Bottom line is if your install in the proper sequence, it will work.
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Re: We elected to try a remote server to access files w/o ha

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2018-10-08 14:02

The installer just check the OS and copy the corresponding files to an install folder ( and create uninstaller)
Using the zip you need to know your OS and just copy the 32/64 bit and manual remove is later.
All settings are in a single file ultravnc.ini. The first time you start winvnc this file is created.

Possible things you need todo manual
Firewal or wathever you have need to allow winvnc and/or vncviewer
When winvnc is installed as service, the firewall doesn't allways ask the question to allow vnc. Just run it manual one time.

It's portable.
As first test i usual just unzip the zip-download to a usb stick.
If it works on win7 A it's should also work on win7 B. If not, then you know for 100% it's a firewall issue.
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