Multiple Monitor Issue

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Multiple Monitor Issue

Postby SIS » 2018-10-31 16:50

I need to remote control a MAC from Windows machines in an office. The MAC is running an Older than current version of OSX for software reasons and I have to use the built in VNC server (can't install the uvnc server on it)
The Windows machines are running latest Win10. Everything works fine, but the MAC has 3 displays. The Primary display has an insanely high resolution, so without scaling the display there are bars and you have to scroll horizontally and vertically to view the whole screen. If you enable scaling in the viewer, it adds the other 2 displays into the window on the right and shrinks the primary display to fit ~70% width with the other 2 displays stacked on the right hand ~30%.
Is there a way to have the viewer client scale the primary display only?
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