Can UVNC enable headless GUI for Windows in GCE?

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Can UVNC enable headless GUI for Windows in GCE?

Postby pchambre » 2018-11-27 21:08


I'm trying to enable a desktop for a Jenkins worker in Google's Cloud Environment (GCE). The target machine is running Windows Server 2016. I found one reference to maybe being able to establish such a desktop with UVNC. I've installed and allowed loopback and and mostly defaults. I can launch the viewer locally, but I get only a black screen and pointer.

For my Jenkins task, if I have an RDP session open to the Windows machine, it runs correctly... if I do not have an RDP session open, then the application doesn't have a desktop and can't "see" anything.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Can UVNC enable headless GUI for Windows in GCE?

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2018-11-28 12:43

If you run ultraVnc as application it clone the desktop. If you run vnc in a RDP session it clone the RDP session.
The only problem is that a RDP session clone his video as soon as you disconnect.

If vnc is running as service, you clone the console session. This is a non RDP session and video is never disabled.
This will work, independed of the RDP session.

You can also activate RDPMODE in vnc, rdpmode=1 ( service only)
Suppose your server is a rdp server then you have
#user 1
#user 2

Using RDPmode ON, you get a list of possible connections as preconnect window.
a) console
b) session x, user 1
c) session y, user 2

You can select if you want to clone the console or an active rdp session.
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