[BUG] Admin Properties setting is Enabled but also disabled?

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[BUG] Admin Properties setting is Enabled but also disabled?

Postby AnotherUVNCuser » 2019-01-25 05:03


I'm experiencing a strange problem with the settings under Admin Properties under
With a non-existing or empty ultravnc.ini, the Admin Properties show that certain values are ENABLED by default.

When looking at Allow Loopback Connections, Filetransfer and User impersonation, they are ALL enabled by default (even with an empty or non existing .ini file).
Now, when i manually create the .ini file and ONLY add the value AuthRequired=0, i can connect via a local loopback connection (i don't need to authenticate).

BUT, when i try to open a filetransfer, it shows that the filetransfer permission was denied/disabled or that there's an unknown user of version incompatibility.
This happens, while i'm logged in Windows and there are no UltraVNC registry values that override these settings (because the default UseRegistry value is 0/disabled).

Normally i would simply let UltraVNC write all values to the .ini file, but since some values are already enabled or disabled by default, i don't want to have ALL values in the .ini file.

So my question: Is this an old version bug or is this an overlooked/forgotten problem in ALL UltraVNC versions?

Hopefully it will be fixed so that i can have a clean looking .ini file without letting UltraVNC add ALL values as a workaround.

!!! UPDATE !!!

I've noticed that on certain remote Windows systems, a missing InputsEnabled still allowed me to do filetransfers.
But, on other systems, a missing Inputsenabled=1 resulted in filetransfer being DISABLED.

Can someone please explain to me what's going on??


franc wrote:I had this problem because of:

Server / Admin Properties / Keyboard & Mouse / Disable Viewers Input (checked)

instead of unchecked. This is:


in ultravnc.ini but should be =1

:-? :what?: :|

Kind regards.
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