Mirror Drive Not Activated

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Mirror Drive Not Activated

Postby RedAero » 2019-02-11 09:35


As some others, i am also having difficulty getting the mirror driver to activate.

I'm using Win 7 x64 as the server (service mode), Win 10 x64 as the viewer, both UVNC
Server has 3 screens, all 32 bit color depth.
Mirror driver 1.00.22 vistax64 installed separately as admin on server (ran the .bat file as admin). Driver date is 04-11 so seems to eb the correct version. Rebooted twice.

Driver check message is the usual:
Driver found.
Driver version OK
Driver Not Activated, is the viewer current connected ?
A mirrior driver can only be started if winvnc is a service or running as admin.

The server log says:
Code: Select all
vncclient.cpp : Leaving InitAuthenticate
vncdesktop.cpp : initialising desktop handler
vncdesktopthread.cpp : Hook changed 1
vncdesktopthread.cpp : Hook changed 2
vncdesktop.cpp : KillScreenSaver...
vncdesktop.cpp : InitVideo driver Called
--The system cannot find the file specified.
vncdesktop.cpp : Driver option enabled
vncdesktop.cpp : Driver option is enabled
Mon Feb 11 10:22:54 2019
vncdesktop.cpp : Start Mirror driver
--The specified program requires a newer version of Windows.
vncdesktop.cpp : Start Mirror driver/ddegine Failed
vncdesktop.cpp : Using non driver mode
Mon Feb 11 10:22:55 2019
vncdesktop.cpp : No driver used
vncdesktop.cpp : bitmap dimensions are 5760 x 1080
vncdesktop.cpp : created memory bitmap
vncdesktop.cpp : got bitmap format
vncdesktop.cpp : attempting to enable DIBsection blits
vncdesktop.cpp : enabled fast DIBsection blits OK
vncdesktop.cpp : no palette data for truecolour display
vncdesktopsink.cpp : StartInitWindowthread
vncdesktopsink.cpp : StartInitWindowthread default desk
vncdesktopsink.cpp : InitWindow called
--The parameter is incorrect.

Thanks in advance for your herp.
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Re: Mirror Drive Not Activated

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2019-02-11 19:08

The mirror driver is limited in memory usage, it's kernel memory.
The kernel memory allocation function often refuse when you want to allocate big chunks of memory.
Try with a smaller display to check if this is the case.
Rudi De Vos
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