Key translation problem?

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Key translation problem?

Postby Norm@Home » 2019-03-30 22:12

I have a Chuwi Hi10 Pro Windows 10 tablet which I have installed UVnc on, I'm having a problem where when I need to type on the keyboard there seems to be a problem where the remote computer thinks either the windows key or ctrl or alt is depressed. For example if I have a Explorer window open on the remote computer and there are a couple thousand files in the directory and I want to scroll down to files that start with "co" and I type "co" on the local keyboard the remote screen pops up things like "auto rotate off" or "projector settings" pops up.

I've checked admin properties and the only keyboard related setting I see is "Alternate keyboard method" and I've tried enabling that and it didn't make a difference. Any ideas?
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