ConnectPriority=2 ... 3?

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ConnectPriority=2 ... 3?

Postby AnotherUVNCuser » 2019-04-05 13:09


I've tried to search for an answer but failed to do so.

Despite having played with the various ConnectPriority settings using a reverse loopback connection.
None of the possible settings seem to do anything/have any effect.

Maybe this is normal/as intended for (reverse) local/loopback connections but regardless of this small inconvenience
i would like to know what the differences/purpose are of ConnectPriority=2 and ConnectPriority=3.

ConnectPriority=3 (Refuse all new connection) seems obvious: only allow 1 connection and refuse ALL/ANY new incoming connections

But ConnectPriority=2 (Refuse the new connection): Refuse a new incoming connection, one time??

Please enlighten me.

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