Passing in key file info with DSM plugin

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Passing in key file info with DSM plugin

Postby fridge » 2004-07-01 20:00

I am using RC18 (great product by the way, Thanks :D) and am looking to use different key files when launching using the DSM Plugin.

When launching viewer, it seems to remember the DSM Plugin config (ie.. "viewer key location") information from the last time I launched it. I have different key files for different servers and would like to either save the connection info with the correct key file info or be able to pass in the key file location when launching from the command line (ie.. passed in as a parameter with "vncviewer.exe /dsmplugin MSRC4Plugin.dsm").

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Postby StuB » 2004-07-02 11:40


Fridge has asked pretty much the exact question that I was about to.

After connecting to a server with a particular key I settings I save the connection settings for that connection. As fridge says when I connect to one of these then it remembers all of the settings bar the plugin ones.

If there is any chance of a fix for that then that would be great.

Also as Fridge says thanks a lot for a superb bit of software.



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