-Multi with different properties

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-Multi with different properties

Postby DL » 2004-07-06 18:03

I want to run two copies of Ultr@VNC on a server so that I can connect with either Java or with the standard client (I use DSM and that kills the java version).

The problem is that if I disable the DSM plugin on on it automatically disables it on the other (i.e. they are sharing the same registry keys).

The first copy runs as a service and the second copy runs from startup with the -muli option (Administrator).

- wish list: don't allow DSM to try to load when connecting via java until it supports it

- how can I make it so each instance has a different setting

- can the second copy be run as a service also?

Postby DL » 2004-07-12 14:29

BTW RC 18 server running Win 2000

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