VNC will only randomly conect from remote location ...

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VNC will only randomly conect from remote location ...

Postby WJF » 2004-07-07 19:15

Hi All,

I'll preface this by stating up front that I am not the most technical of guys ... that I got VNC to work at all is a testimonial to ease of use that the software offers! :wink:

Anyway, I've been controlling my desktop machine at home from a notebook at work for several weeks now. However, lately I've started noticing that since installing RC17 on both machines my ability to connect is intermittent. I'm not sure that this is in fact a VNC problem but thought I'd start my troubleshooting efforts with it.

Both machines are running XP Pro ... when I try to start a remote session sometimes I get the password dialog almost instantly. At other times the connection times out and I get a message telling me that VNC could not connect to the server. There is no pattern to the randomness of this. Sometimes it works and other timesw it doesn't. Sometimes if a try connecting a few times it eventually works ... other times I can't connect at all unless I get someone at home to reboot my desktop machine for me. Even with a reboot, it doesn't always gaurantee that I'll be able to connect.

So .... any ideas??? Have I missed something? Should I be looking elsewhere?? THANKS for your help with this! I appreciate it!

Additional info ...

Home machine ... cable modem connected to linksys router (configured to port forward ports 5800 & 5900) connected to the desktop machine in question

Office machine ... Toshiba notebook connected to corporate LAN ... behind firewall but ports 5800 & 5900 are open for my use.

Postby RobH » 2004-07-14 13:01

Install rc18 and see if that helps.
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