Cannot change the value of Login? [Bug]?

Cannot change the value of Login? [Bug]?

Postby _henry_ » 2008-05-06 21:19

Hi all,

I tried and tested the regular PCHelpware with Login and password that must be entered by a person. First time, I tried to enter login ID, e.g: 0001 and password: hello123. It worked and I terminated the connection. However, I changed the ID and password to something else, e.g: ID : 00022 and password: world321. It worked again. I assumed, without having click "QUIT" from the PcHelpWare program, the program will use the old values no matter what people entered. On the other hand, people should click "QUIT" first and re-enter the program to enter the new values for ID and password.

Is this a well known problem or issue?

Thank you.
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