Missing server name in VNC windows

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Missing server name in VNC windows

Postby FrankBerlin » 2019-06-10 06:11


It is extremely inconvenient that there is no way to add either automatically or manually some information to the UltraVNC window that tells me to which server I am connected with (like server numer or name).

When having three or more connections open, this quickly gets very confusing.

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Re: Missing server name in VNC windows

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2019-06-10 09:08

The viewer just display the server info transmitted from server to viewer.
Your server need to send a string containing the data he want to display.

Code: Select all
7.3.2.  ServerInit

   After receiving the ClientInit message, the server sends a ServerInit
   message.  This tells the client the width and height of the server's
   framebuffer, its pixel format, and the name associated with the

RFC 6143             The Remote Framebuffer Protocol          March 2011

      | No. of bytes | Type [Value] | Description                  |
      | 2            | U16          | framebuffer-width in pixels  |
      | 2            | U16          | framebuffer-height in pixels |
      | 16           | PIXEL_FORMAT | server-pixel-format          |
      | 4            | U32          | name-length                  |
      | name-length  | U8 array     | name-string                  | <<< This is displayed on the viewer
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