Accented keys

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Accented keys

Postby Chrisian » 2004-05-11 17:50

Is it possible to write accented keys over vnc ? Is it possible to add this feature ? As I can see, the keyboard part is common to all VNC software and I suppose it could be hard to modify & maintain the compatibility at the same time.

A may note that in my language (Spanish), an accented key is wrote typing 2 keys, maybe other languages have an unique key for his specials caracters.

This is hard limitation to me, as it is a must for me to write the correct characters in the servers.



Postby Rudi De Vos » 2004-05-11 18:10

On win to win, we could indeed handle the keyboard
with keypress and map.
Perhaps we add a winkey option in Beta2...
Rudi De Vos
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Admin & Developer
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