Screen Update Handling - TIMER

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Screen Update Handling - TIMER

Postby nor » 2009-03-29 16:02

Poll Full Screen, System Hook DLL, Video Hook Driver.
Really Fancy - :D
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How about a way to get full screen updates based on a timer?

Something much simpler, so people like me can work
around some issues.

I understand when your working with a slow connection, you do not
want to send screen updates when you don't need them.

But on a LAN, bandwidth is not a major issue.

Instead of a system event, maybe set a timer with intervals of half a second to 1 minute.

My main concern is having to use the "video hook driver".

I use my Graphics Card to hook-up to my projector, so when the
'video hook driver' kicks in, I lose the projector.

But without the 'video driver' the 'server screen updates' are so slow
its impossible to work with.

Vista64 is really picky about what it likes for me to run.
Needless to say.
When my server is cranky, I'm not in the best of moods either.
P.S. Love the program. Keep up the good work!
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