Forward + Back Mouse Buttons

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Forward + Back Mouse Buttons

Postby PremiumSaltine » 2010-02-21 22:49

I will never own a 3 button mouse again. I've had a 5 button mouse for years now.

Is there currently a way to use the 4&5 mouse buttons for the forward and back functions they are used for?

If not, I would really love to see the ability to use them added.
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Re: Forward + Back Mouse Buttons

Postby Teazle » 2011-06-12 14:57

I too would very much like this feature!

sorry for bump..
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Re: Forward + Back Mouse Buttons

Postby B » 2011-06-13 14:39

Multibutton mice normally come with software for programming the extra buttons. Just use that -- why burden an application like UltraVNC with that kind of unique (and varying per manufacturer/model) kind of thing?
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