VNC for WINCE 5.0 application?

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VNC for WINCE 5.0 application?

Postby mghore01 » 2010-04-09 22:04

I have a Windows CE 5.0 device application which has very less free RAM memory (not more then 1.5 MB)
The device's FlashFx avaliable memory size is 15MB but the RAM memory is very less. I want to use the VNC server Viewer application to view this device on PC. Please help me with the selection of VNC application software i can use for my device....

Please provide details on least RAM memory VNC can run efficiently?

EDIT: Removed extra ????? from title.
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Re: VNC for WINCE 5.0 application?????????

Postby supercoe » 2010-04-10 17:57


First off, welcome to the forum.
I've removed the identical post from VNC releated products, please don't post duplicates.

I doubt the UltraVNC team will ever support such an old OS... - ChunkVNC - Free PC Remote control with the Open Source UltraVNC wrapper InstantSupport!
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Re: VNC for WINCE 5.0 application?

Postby B » 2010-04-12 13:55

Looks like CE 5.x was only shipping in earnest by 2007, so it's not that old. ... meline.svg

So whatever mghore01's working on might be quite useful for current PDAs or Windows phones.

I ran a pretty decent VNC package on a Windows phone a few years ago but I don't recall the name. (I don't know whether it included a server though.)

Sorry, no real suggestions.
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Re: VNC for WINCE 5.0 application?

Postby redge » 2010-04-13 22:10

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