Single Click multipul machine listing

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Single Click multipul machine listing

Postby Jason_Bassett » 2010-06-24 08:29


Not sure what to call it so I will describe it...At the moment when someone makes use of Single Click their machine connects to my machine which is listening and I can take control. But say I have multiple people using Single Click at once, only the first would connect to me.

I think it would be useful to have all incoming Single Click connections connected to a process which lists them for me and I can then double click each one in any order to remote control it.

Perhaps the listing could be separate from the viewer in that a master user can distribute connections to the remote support team depending on who is available to deal with a remote support request.


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Re: Single Click multipul machine listing

Postby B » 2010-06-24 13:49

Jason_Bassett wrote:Hello

Not sure what to call it so I will describe it...

You'd call it "GoToMyPC" or "LogMeIn".


Seriously, the next version of ChunkVNC may have something approaching this. It's based on the UltraVNC repeater. Everyone connects to it, and you select your target based on their logged in Repeater ID.

If they're really all connecting just directly to you (no need for multipoint connectivity or a repeater), you could probably get away with the multiple viewer facility present in MRemoteNG and the other products mentioned in the VNC Related forum.

Another way is to preassign destinations with SCPrompt and distribute to your clients accordingly.
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