to add: Grant viewer an Arrow to show instead of full access

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to add: Grant viewer an Arrow to show instead of full access

Postby nici » 2010-09-19 20:53


I want to suggest an option that should be easy to implement, but might increase the trust in VNC's.
6 Years ago I was forced to use a VNC, so I tried to install some famous programs like RealVNC, TightVNC and so on - but then I choosed UltraVNC, because it impressed me with a trustworthy design.

there is a general distrust in VNCs and grant remoting my computer by someone else - foreign, downthere in the internet.
I cannot see him.
Only trust that he is the Tutor, I want.
So, in standard mode I offer him my whole computer, all my data.
If he is funny - and moves his mouse fast - he may delete all my data (documents, dimplomas, graphics, mp3s) - and I can watch it live.
Great. OK, that was "worst case".

But it would be enough if he has full access to my diary data or photographs folder. (e.g., naked photos my boyfriend made of me).
OK, nothing get's stolen ... but can be viewed and "screend".
I don't want it. Also avoid any try.

Image current 2 functions

But I dream of a 3rd function that I (as server) can set (optionally pre or also change during a running VNC session), that he can only view, but show me the (his) mouse cursor and I need to move my mouse to that button and need to click it myself.
So he - the foreign viewer has no access to my system, but can view it and teach me.
Also for input into an Edit or Textarea it could help to open a minimal window above/infront with text to fill in - suggested by the viewer - but that is not so important as the show-his-mouse - feature.

suggested captions for the radio button group above:
  • Force View Only - bla
  • Disable Local Inputs - bla
  • Allow To Teach (added) - shows viewers Mouse Cursor and pseudo clicks - without loosing control ! - bla

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