Multiple Monitor Support - like RealVNC has

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Multiple Monitor Support - like RealVNC has

Postby YeOleImposter » 2004-05-03 19:53

I am having to use RealVNC still when I log on to 2 of our computers that have dual monitors because RealVNC will let me scroll side to side to see the 2 different monitors. Any chance UltraVNC will have this feature in the near future?
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Postby UltraSam » 2004-05-05 14:33

It will be in UltraVNC one day or another. Not sure we can say "near" future, though... only asap. We"ll probably have to move to the new RealVNC 4 new architecture to be able to do this dual monitor functionnality.
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Postby OfficialGuest » 2004-09-01 16:19

Would it be possible to get an option to specify, from the client, which desktop should be displayed?

I have system where the taskbar is on the secondary monitor, so when I connect with UltraVNC I really can't do anything at all.

An option to switch which desktop is being viewed (without reconnecting if possible) would be sufficent.
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Postby Cochrane » 2004-09-01 17:43

One day my master Joda told me to:


There's a thread in this forum all related to this feature request: please have a look at that.


Postby AlanHawk » 2004-09-08 22:16

I noticed something today, don't know if it will help the developers or not. I accidently connected to my main computer (running realvnc server, dual monitor setup) and UltraVnc showed both monitors, with a scroll bar, just like realvnc viewer. So, the actual dual monitor capability is on the SERVER side, not on the viewer side.
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