VNCviewer script capability

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VNCviewer script capability

Postby jp31415926 » 2010-11-03 16:15

I have a need to be able to automate GUI actions via a VNC connection. It occurs to me (and probably others too) that adding a simple scripting capability to VNCviewer to automatic mouse movement and clicking, as well as key presses, would satisfy my needs.

I am willing to attempt a first cut at such a feature. My scripting language choice would probably be Lua ( since it is open source, light-weight and I am already familiar with it. I imagine a new toolbar button similar to the "Send custom key" button could be added with a dialog for a path to the script to run. Also, a command line option to run a script after connection would be nice.

With this said, does anyone (especially the developers of UltraVNC) have any input or guidance to help me get started quickly? Of course, if someone has already started in this direction, I'd love to help.

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Re: VNCviewer script capability

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2010-11-03 18:06

This will be extreme difficult.

A normal key and mouse logger/replayer use the caption bars and button names. But the vnc viewer show an image, you only can tell: go position x,y and do that.... independed if the underlaying windows exist or not.
A small image shift, or position that a child windows open and all fail....
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