Remote terminal a la telnet and voice communication

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Remote terminal a la telnet and voice communication

Postby CottonJim » 2011-06-06 08:33

Hi all,

Don't know if this is far-fetched, and whether this has been requested earlier, but I'd like these features:
1. Telnet-like screen on client
Basically a command line on the remote system. Could be used for running scripts etc.
Of course, you can also start a command line via the remote screen, but we could extend functionality of vncviewer so it can be accessed using COM/Automation or just run a command line option to run a certain script on the guest filesystem once a connection is open.

2. Voice communication
While text chat in VNC programs is fine (or having a notepad window open where the guest user would type things), having a simple voice communication channel using standard microphone and speakers/headset on both ends using a highly compressed codec would be great.
Obviously, this might be quite a lot of work depending on which libraries are available, and would probably require to extend the RFB protocol, but it would be very helpful in remote support situations with clueless users, so they don't even have to have skype or a phone line installed :)
Alternatively, this might be left for third-party developers by exposing a plugin...

Anyway, thanks for a great program!

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