Remote assistance w/o the needs to stop remote user work

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Remote assistance w/o the needs to stop remote user work

Postby nodnolse1 » 2011-08-26 09:52

I use from time many VNC and to my the best is 'UltraVnc SC', anyway I have often wars with users that pretend to leave all pc function available wile im repairing their cp. Seen that this thing happens always more often i thought a way to resolve this problem. i think that we can create a system like microsoft terminal server creating one extra account on the fly with admin rights and a way to switcth when needed in Vnc mode normally. to install it i see somethingh like 'sc' plus batchs that modify the target system to make it usable from 2000 to win7 64, disabling all securiti 'uac' via batch and reboot calling us at next boot w/o user interation because some time to explain how to setup an exe can be very long and make the tech very impatient. if you like the project an you would like to contribute to create it dont exitate, there is a lot do do even if we are in many

ps: my idea is that when the remote assistence has finisched, the thech launch a batch that restore all protections as default and resrart the pc using it as usual.

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