View Only by Ctrl Alt F3 leaves keys down on server

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View Only by Ctrl Alt F3 leaves keys down on server

Postby severach » 2012-01-21 19:13

When I press Ctrl Alt F3 to go to View Only the server gets the key downs for Ctrl and Alt. When F3 is hit the connection is cut off and the server never gets the key ups for Ctrl and Alt leaving these keys stuck down. View Only by mouse from the corner box menu or the Connection options dialog works fine. The key ups for Control and Alt should be sent automatically if Ctrl-Alt-F3 is used to go to View Only. Optimally the key downs would never be sent at all so that I could go to View Only without interfering with the server but this may be difficult to implement.

It is possible to crash the server by logging in with the view only password then turning on and off the View Only option. When logging in with the View Only password the client title bar should always say viewonly and the "View Only" option in the corner box should be disabled or changed. The "View Only" option could be changed "promote to full access" offering a re-login with the full access password.
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