Please, I need an Option key for OSX.

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Please, I need an Option key for OSX.

Postby OSXFeatureRequest » 2012-10-17 18:19

I don't care what key I have to give up.
Right control? Take it.
Right alt? Don't need it.
Windows keys? You can have both.

All I want is some key to be bound to OSX's Option(Alt) key.
To test, I've enabled the on-screen keyboard in OS X.
Absolutely no key, nor any key combination, corresponds to the alt/option key.

I've read through the source of UltraVNC, but didn't find anything that helps. There was a hint about Ctrl+Alt+Germans but I couldn't figure that out.
In any case, a two-modifier key combination is inadequate for using Opt+Command+Key shortcuts.

There are more than a few posts on the internet going back over six years with people failing to find any solution to getting access to this key.
Please help. I'm trying to develop a web application, and I need to test Mac compatibility.

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Current UltraVNC status
Windows     Mac
Ctrl key  = Ctrl key
Alt key   = Command key
Win key   = Command key
Shift key = Shift key

Keyboard in use: Logitech G19
Remote keyboard settings: None (no keyboard detected, obviously)
Japanese keyboard setting: ineffective, no change in functionality
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