File Transfer keyboard navigation

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Re: File Transfer keyboard navigation

Postby fantastory » 2016-02-05 11:12

It would be very nice if we could paste folder path in file transfer window.
So the navigation in file transfer would be super fast. I usually know where my files are on server and where do I want them on local computer.
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Re: File Transfer keyboard navigation

Postby jBart » 2017-03-19 15:04

I need excactly the same as fantastory has asked for.

Additionally a sort of bookmarks (or favourites) for often used folders would be great.
I have a number of 7" Win10 tablets that I remote control via my desktop. And during software updates for each logon I have to go to the same desktop folder again & again, that's getting tired to have to do it by tedious clicking.
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