Custom Image for Screen Blanking

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Custom Image for Screen Blanking

Postby s33k3r » 2015-03-18 07:34

When someone uses screen blanking, I would like to have the two features added:

+ Custom Image (server config can point to optional 800 x 600 image to screen blank each monitor.
+ No Screen Blank Stretch screen blank (each monitor gets the screen blank stretched to monitor's size instead of stretched between all monitors.
+ Disable Local input Without Blanking. Many times a tech just wants to disable "uncooperative" servers that are working against them trying to resolve an issue. I would like to just see an icon popup on the system tray saying "Remote User Temporarly Disabled Your Mouse and Keyboard."
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Re: Custom Image for Screen Blanking

Postby Bonji » 2015-07-09 14:39

I would love the screen blanking feature to be improved. I know MS broke it a while back with some underlying video changes, but something better would be nice. At least a message letting anyone in front of the server know it is being controlled and to have some patience...
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