Restart winvnc.exe on disconnect

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Restart winvnc.exe on disconnect

Postby Pretzel40k » 2015-05-02 22:35

I run uvnc on my home pc (Win7 64bit) and access it via pcs/laptops and phones/tablets from everywhere.

I only run into 1 problem on a regular basis. I regularly disconnect/reconnect my secondary display (HDMI) as it is the living room TV.

This sometimes causes the mouse to be pinned to the leftmost desktop. If I move the mouse to the right desktop (primary display) it is pulled back to the left screen. Pointer cannot be seen on actual monitor and no input is recognized (mouse or keyboard).
This problem disappears with a quick restart of winvnc.exe.

Currently I am using a scheduled task to taskkill winvnc when the system registers a uvnc disconnect. This means that all I have to do to fix the problem is to disconnect, wait 10 seconds and reconnect.

Would it be possible to add an option to the 'When last user disconnects' section to restart 'winvnc.exe'.

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