flip screen for tablets

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flip screen for tablets

Postby yosefm » 2015-05-18 21:01


I'm new here, please excuse me, I did search this question but didn't find an obvious similar request.

I have a HP Stream 7, its a low cost Windows 8 based tablet. Its a super little system which costs under $99. Like most tablets you can flip the screen any direction by tilting it. Otherwise it feels like a regular PC with Windows 8 tablet UI on top.

I want to control it from my normal Windows 7 laptop. UltraVNC works great on both computers.

I'd like be able to invoke a flip screen 90 degrees from my host. Is this possible to add a few buttons on control screen to do this?

that would be great. MS Surface and Lenovo Yoga are getting popular so there must be others with demand for this.
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