File Transfer - Folder Pairs

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File Transfer - Folder Pairs

Postby PJOttCan » 2015-05-27 19:24

When doing File Transfers, of different sorts, I'm often going to the same pair of folders, for that task, on the local and remote machine.
It would be nice if you added a bar at the top of the File Transfer window to aid in saving and selecting folder pairs, by socket.

For "task X" (this could be name given to folder pair), on
local machine: C:\PathToWebiteX\public_html
remote machine: C:\Path1\path2\path3\path4\WebSiteX\public_html

For "task Y" on
local machine: D:\ThisStuffStartsHere\VisualStudioProjectY
remote machine: C:\Users\TheDude\VisualStudioProjects\VisualStudioProjectOtherNameHere

For any one connection (socket), only the Folder Pairs associated with it would be presented. For another connection it would have its own folder pairs that make sense for it. The "Folder Pairs" dropdown would quickly do the ChDir on both sides.
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